interactive + sculpture

Roberta Joslin Award for Excellence in Art
Minnie Helen Hicks Premium in Art


2005 Boston Cyberarts Festival
David Winton Bell Gallery
Manhasset Mill Gallery

Rope & Wood

Rope & Woodwood, rope, custom software

"Rope & Wood" combines physically strenuous interaction, menacing visuals, and reactive sound to create an engrossing aggressive experience. This is one of three sound sculptures in the series, "Resonant Elements in 3 Movements" that fuse workman interfaces --the rope, the crank, the knob -- with mechanically and digitally generated sound. These sculptures explore the physical properties of sampled and artificially-produced sounds, and the materials used to create and reshape those sounds.

All the News That's Fit To...

AllNewsFitToo_Sidebar_.jpgfound objects, custom software
with Jasper Speicher

As a bizarre, quasi-functional new media artifact, this sculpture fingered the news media as a simplistic yet utterly convoluted machine. Much like the obscured CNN footage it presented, this piece visually implied one purpose--turn the crank and get the news--but fulfilled another, namely, to increase the bewilderment of an awestruck viewer.


c4b3r@r7$metal, glass, found objects, custom software
with Ian Budish

"c4b3r@r7$" is an interactive video and audio sculpture that depicts a single abstraction in multiple dimensions.


Bamboo_Sidebar_.jpgbamboo, found objects, custom software
with Jasper Speicher, Mark Domino

"Humanity, Nature, Technology.... We wanted to encourage an open exploration of the intersection of those things in the context of our piece. Viewers were asked to recontruct the DNA image, through simplistic mechanisms."

"The piece suggests that technology was lying dormant even in the harvesting/weaving of bamboo...that technology attempts to describe what nature itself is woven from."