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Pixilerations v.6
Electronic Literature Organization "Archive & Innovate" Arts Program
E-Fest // electronic writing festival
Creative Arts Council Flexible Fund Grant 


Immortek_Sidebar_.pngConvergence Art
Website :: Radio :: Interactive Response System :: Poster Advertisements

The Immortek project is the cover for a fictitious cryonics company. Through public performance, I use Immortek as a vehicle to explore moral and religious issues related to people's fear and fascination with death, and corporate culture's willingness to profit from people's fears. By combining descriptions of actual medical procedures and technology with science fiction, I also use the Immortek project as a way to explore the grey areas of truth in representation and the real/unreal. 

In my public performances, I portray myself as an Immortek recruiter. I attempt to sign participants into Immortek's research program, which bartered services for donation/experimentation on major organs.

"In our economy plan, we offer free neurocryopreservation! We freeze your brain for free, if you participate in some clinical trials...or if you donate one of your paired organs...." During these performances, I would also highlight key features of Immortek's services. "You pay good money, you get whole body cryopreservation... as well cryopreservation of your favorite pet!"

"What makes Immortek the leader in advanced cryonic technology research and suspension services? Unlike Alcor and other companies that provide cryopreservation services, Immortek can revive a person from cryostasis today, using our patented Ultra L23 nanobots!"

Immortek consists of poster advertisements, an extensive website, radio commercials, and an Interactive Voice Response telephone system.


Lingua Ignota

Lingua IgnotaLiterary Arts :: Writing Digital Media
Installation :: Software :: Performance
with Samantha Gorman & Danny Cannizzaro

"Lingua Ignota", meaning “Unknown Language,” is a visualization of how language systems function and where they break down; it depicts the collaboratively authored transference of lexical meaning between language systems. The project debuted at the 2009 Pixilerations festival in Providence, R.I. The iteration documented in this video is an interactive installation of a real-time SMS text visualizer. Users submitted texts from their cellphones composed from simple English words in the project symbol key. The symbol key acted as a lexicon that showed how English words mapped to symbol graphemes representing general human core-concepts. Through this process, gallery participants were able to leave messages in the symbol language Blissymbolics, which reduces language to core-concepts.

Lingua Ignota is concerned with the resulting evolution/slippage of language, especially at the sites of deviation and collision with the author's original text. The custom written software serves as the foundation from which future iterations of the project will facilitate a global, cross-cultural exchange across distant and diverse demographics. 

Blissymbolics was selected as a language system for its impact as a visual language and the ability to break it down into base-concepts and rebuild it into new semantic combinations.  Grapheme characters function as base concepts that link with other bases in order to suggest more complex concepts.  This segmented construction permits a specific type of parsing.  Parsing in this way leaves more room to easily promote a slippage of meaning in how the text is defined, combined and interpreted.